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Welcome to the mining metaverse of NFTs!
NFT Bundle
Mining Mineral
Break Through

Gold miner is a blockchain game based on NFT. Here, you can explore different mining areas with your miners,pass the levels with strategies and skills,use props to improve mining efficiency, constantly find more profitable treasure caves, mine all kinds of precious minerals, and use the earned tokens to trade with other players for more benefits. Start your mining legend now!

Mining Area
Explore different areas
You can purchase different miner NFT to enter mining areas with different profit rates. There are four mining areas in total, namely barren mine, open mine, deep mine and rich mine. The higher the mining rate, the more revenue will be brought, and the mining experience will be more exciting!
Mining Game
Grab minerals,get rewards
By consuming the claw, you can mine all kinds of precious minerals in the mining area, including fixed value rewards such as stones, gold and diamonds, as well as random bags with gold coins and various props. You can even mine precious raw mineral with unknown price, and have the opportunity to offer huge awards!
Various Props
Use props to improve efficiency
By purchasing or grabbing random bags, you can get a wealth of props, which can make mining more interesting and efficient. Using props can remove obstacles that hinder mining, make it easier for the claw to aim at the target, or make some minerals more valuable. NFT fragments can be synthesized to the miner NFT!
Break Through
Use skills to pass the levels
There may be deposited bones and crawling moles in the level to hinder mining, but you can use skills to avoid them or use props to remove them. When the number of gold coins meets the level clearance conditions, you can enter the next level. There are also treasure levels full of precious minerals in the game!
Management Right
Become an owner
You can become mining areas owner by purchasing NFT of mining areas management right. The owner can get part of the income obtained by ordinary miners in the mining areas. The larger the number of players in the areas, the more the income of the owner!
After purchasing NFT, miners can enter the mining areas with corresponding ratio for mining. Each miner has a unique personality and characteristics, and the mining style is also different. They will bring colorful mining effects and gains to players.
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Project Development Director
Founder of gamerival games,Once worked as a game producer and team leader in Acquire, a famous Japanese game company。He has more than 20 years of experience in game R & D and production。 His representative works:《Gold MinerS》、《Puzzle & Dragons》、《Divine Gate》。
Project Lead Designer
Hollywood filmmaker,has more than 20 years of experience in the development, creation and production of large-scale visual films and CGI animated films. He has worked in global film institutions such as DreamWorks and Universal Pictures and has participated in the production of many world-renowned works of art。
Paul Zhan
Marketing Specialist
He has been deeply engaged in the game industry for 15 years and is good at game operation management, market strategy formulation, market demand analysis, public relations management, etc. before joining the team, Paul once held an important position in blizzard, and participated in the IP management of《Diablo》,《Warcraft and world》
Bill Don
Project Lead Programmer
Bill has more than 30 years of technical experience and expertise in the field of vertical products,Covers a range of vertical products, including games, platforms and software. Bill has rich experience in the separation of static resource architecture from front-end CDN to HTML / - JS / pictures.
Project Master Designer
from Maryland, USA,Engaged in game operation for 5 years,Once served as COO of Bethesda game company in the USA,Good at market demand analysis, market operation management, market resource integration, Now he is the PM of MMT.His representative works include:《The Elder Scrolls VI》
Manager Operations
20 years of it development experience ; 10 years of experience in product planning, development and management, project management and large international companies ; 10 years of Experience in Internet enterprise exploitation; 4 years experience in Internet operation and promotion;
Manager Operations
She is capable and meticulous, with good overall management ability, and having experiece in financially manmaging multiple companies. Responsible for project token issuance and management.
Road Map
Phase March 2022
  • Concept formation of gold miner game
  • Official website online
  • The first game meta gold miner began to build
Phase June 2022
  • MMT conducts multi-platfrom IDO
  • Open game NFT trading market
  • Published on PancakeSwap
Phase Sep 2022
  • Early September: The pre-game version is online
  • Mid-September: Launch of NFT on land
  • Late September: Launch on CEX
Phase April 2022
  • Game demo version display
  • Game promotion video production
  • Purchase mine operation right and miner NFT on the official website
Phase Jul 2022
  • V1 .0 online
  • Start Mining Metaverse official website
  • Published on
Phase Q3.2022
  • Version 1.2 of the game goes online, including random events, collection tasks, leaderboards, and prize opening in the prize pool.
  • mining Empire's Official website:online
Phase May 2022
  • Version 1.0 of the game goes online, including: Foundry NFT, NFT exchange and mine management rights
  • Version 1.1 of the game goes online, including beneficiation games and miner skills
Phase Aug 2022
  • Early August: IGO starts
  • Late August: Login to DEX
Phase Q4.2022
  • Version 2.1 of the game goes online, including: Mining world management gameplay ; Merchant order function.
  • version 2.2 of the game goes online, including: the battle system goes online to explore defense battles.
  • mining Empire: online
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